Exception Handling Quick Reference Cards Bundle

Year: 2022

Save $15 on your 2022 Exception Handling Quick Reference Cards! 

*Shipping in the first quarter of 2022*

These cards are durable for your desktop and right at your fingertips to get all the critical information for handling exceptions. These detailed cards are a must for every financial institution.

Quick Reference Cards for Exception Handling (a $35 Value in Member Pricing)

Updated for 2022, Macha/PAR's Quick Reference Cards for Exception Handling provide easy reference to a range of Nacha Rules and other regulatory requirements, including:

  • Timeframes
  • Returns, Dishonored Returns, and Corrected/Contested Dishonored Returns
  • Error Resolution and Stop Payments
  • Government Returns
  • Notification of Change (NOC) and Refused NOC
  • ACH Operator and Gateway Returns
  • Returned Check (RCK) Entry Returns
  • Corporate Entry Returns
  • Transaction Codes, Record Retention, and Glossary
  • How to complete a Written Statement of Unauthorized Debit form

Government Payments Exception Handling Cards (a $30 Value in Member Pricing)

Newly updated, these handy cards contain the information you need when processing your federal government payment exceptions. They provide a simple and quick way to lookup the required information from The Green Book: A Guide to Federal Government ACH Payments and Collections. Government Payments Exception Handling Cards are durable for your desktop and provide critical information right at your fingertips regarding: 

  • Posting and Returning Federal Government Benefit Payments
  • Death Notification Entries (DNEs)
  • Reclamations and Liability
  • Tele-Trace/ Non-Receipt
  • Garnishments
  • Federal Tax Refunds

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