2022 Educational Package Plans

Macha's Educational Package Plans offer the convenience and cost savings of making a one-time payment for an entire calendar year of training.  Think of them as educational season tickets!  Any staff member(s), from any department within your organization, may attend Macha training as defined in the plan purchased.  Educational Package Plans are a members-only benefit!

Make sure to include a Package Plan in your 2023 budget!  We do not foresee any changes in pricing.

Educational Package Plans cover most* of our training including:

  • In-person workshops
  • Webinars
  • Payments University
  • Fraud Day

* Exclusions include our annual conference, on-demand training from our library, and accreditation/certification prep programs.


Details and pricing

Individual Plans - Any one (1) employee may register for each eligible session.  The registrant may be a different individual for each session (includes webinars). 

  • $1,150 per year; $1,050 for an additional plan.

Group Plans - Any five (5) employees may register for each eligible session.  The registrants may be different individuals for each session. Includes five lines for webinars.

  • $3,250 per year